Even voorstellen: Heinrich, onze lokale vertegenwoordiger uit Zuid-Afrika


Oops how did I land here? Are you insane leaving the warm weather of Cape Town for the cold and grey weather of the Netherlands you might ask. Well let me share a little bit of myself and no deep dark secrets. Heinrich Jerome Jacobs given to me by my parents. I am from Cape Town staying in the outskirts. Father of one and a dearly husband (wifey do agree) to my wife and the rose amongst 4 thorns as the only boy with 4 sisters. I grew up on the West coast in Goedverwacht (Moravian mission station) where still today it is inhabited by slave and Khoi descendants. I am a mixing pot of culture  and ancestry from the slave trade to the clicks in the Khoi and Xhosa. Ask me today what is my race I can proudly say I am a South African part of the human race.

Fast forward to my last year of matric the thoughts of what to study!!! Well I wasn’t ready to study said NO to Law said NO to landscaping. Then came Tourism, loved it on high school but was it enough for reason to make a career out of this. I mean you get paid peanuts and deal with difficult clients. Well here I am and has never looked back. Tourism and Travel it is not a career it’s a lifestyle, it’s an experience it’s a memory it’s a story it’s a culture it’s a celebration it is part of life. I have this dream job that doesn’t feel like a job in creating fantastic holidays for clients visiting our beautiful, diverse country of South Africa. I get the opportunity to share past experience with possible clients. Clients get to live a few days inside this magical diversity where you can one moment be in a thunderstorm and the next soaking up the sun on a beach.

And this is how I ended up in the Netherlands with grey skylines –  All for the love of travel and tourism, but also the Love for South Africa. Working with our partner in the Netherlands for 2 months directly with clients.

So come on let’s talk lets book. You know you want to! South Africa is waiting to Welcome you.

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